Top Wine Destinations in Europe

European nations are known for their great food and drink. Wine is something that is very important to the European culture. There are some top wine destinations in Europe that every wine enthusiast should visit.

Bordeaux, France


This wine destination is located in the southern part of France and is the largest wine producing area in the entire country. Not only does it make the most wine in France but this area is the top wine producing destination in the entire world. In addition to some of the best wine that a person can drink they can enjoy the scenery. There are a number of green rolling hills that are dotted with grape vines. The city of Saint Emilion in this region offers a number of tours of the vineyard as well as wine tastings. You’ll also enjoy their¬†best homemade yogurt recipe ever.¬†


Montepulciano, Italy


Italy is known for its wine. There is not a meal that goes by where an Italian will not have a glass of wine to go with their food. This region has breathtaking sites and there are a number of places to enjoy some great wine tasting. This region is known for the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano which is a red wine that has a full body and is one of the wines that this region is world famous for.


Porto and the Douro Valley, Portugal


This area has become known as the only region in the entire world where Port wine is produced. This area produces wine that is red and sweet. There are a number of different wine styles but Port is the most popular in this area. In addition to some of the best-tasting wine in the world, this region has some of the most beautiful natural scenery.


La Rioja, Spain


This region is home to the finest wine that Spain has to offer. It is made from the Tempranillo grapes which are known to be the most abundant grapes in the country. A person can taste the wine and have it paired with some great food as well. This town has a number of vistas so a person can enjoy the wine and the view at the same time.


Rheingau, Germany


When people think of Germany they do not think of wine. Germany is known for its beer but this region produces some great tasting wine. Rheingau is located on the Rhine and there are a number of vineyards. A person can come to this area and sample several different types of wine. They can also get the small town feel that this region has to offer.


London, United Kingdom


London is becoming known for its modern wines. The wines that are produced in London are sparkling and light. This is great for people like enjoy bubbly wine.


These are some of the top destinations in Europe for those that are looking to enjoy some of the finest wine in the world. In addition to the great tasting wine, these destinations offer some beautiful nature surroundings and plenty of opportunities for wine tasting.